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File: January 2007

2007-01-20 :: David Sterry // Default
Flip this website

Flipping houses has become passe as the housing market in many areas has taken a hit. Luckily for the internet-minded there’s an online analog. If it were a show, it’d be called “Flip This Website” or maybe “Flip this Site”. To accomplish such a feat requires a lot of knowledge and experience in what makes [...]

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2007-01-02 :: David Sterry // Default
Mathematical Amusements in Perler Beads

Over the holiday, I picked up the Safari Pack of Perler Beads and began to think of what I’d like to make. I mostly thought of mathematics and computer based designs. Here’s what I got: First off, I wanted to explore how I could express binary math using perler beads, since there are many colors [...]

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2007-01-02 :: David Sterry // Default
Installing TrueType fonts on Ubuntu

I’m working on a little website project and wanted to create a logo for the site with one of many free fonts I’ve downloaded. I’m using The Gimp and I have the .ttf font files unpacked on my desktop. The question for me was, how do I get these into the system so The Gimp [...]

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