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2010-05-11 :: David Sterry // Default
What do you call a USB Flash Drive?

Over the last few years, small form-factor solid state usb storage devices have become ubiquitous. They have replaced floppies, CDs and even larger usb hard drives with spinning disks for many backup, file transfer, and utility purposes. The question still remains though, what do we call them? To solve this problem, I turned to Google. [...]


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2009-09-15 :: David Sterry // Default
gNewSense Wireless That Works

Wireless on a laptop is like wheels on a car. Essential. I’ve been running gNewSense for a few months and have found it to be very stable and kind to me on my HP dv6226us. Unfortunately there are no free drivers for the built in wireless card. That has meant no wireless networking on this [...]

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In this HOWTO I’m going to take you through running gNewSense, a 100% free operating system, on top of your currently installed operating system. This HOWTO mentions how to run gNewSense on top of Ubuntu and Windows though it’s possible to run it on any OS that runs VirtualBox OSE. This HOWTO will only add [...]

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