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2014-10-09 :: David Sterry // Crowdeverything
Easy Guide to Earn FoldingCoin

If you have a GPU farm or a fast mining computer that no longer earns much Scrypt-mining, this guide will help you move to the ultimate ASIC-proof mining algorithm: protein folding! In 5-10 minutes you will be earning FoldingCoin with your computer and at the same time you will be helping scientists around the world [...]

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2011-01-15 :: David Sterry // Default
HowTo: Tune a Yangqin

A number of years ago I purchased a Yangqin for a relative but never saw it properly tuned. The yangqin is pronounced yawng followed by the word ‘seen’ but started with a t sound. Today I learned a method to tune this instrument and since I couldn’t find any similar info on how it should [...]

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The following is what I did to get Ubuntu 10.04 x86(32-bit) running properly on a Sony VAIO VPCF121GX PCG-81114L. This laptop is currently sold at Costco but shares the same body with many other VPCF12***X models. Sony has an annoying way of putting two model numbers on their laptops. I had more luck once I [...]

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Most laptops that don’t have a CD drive can boot from USB but not all. This I found out with the Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet that I recently was tasked to get up and running with a new operating system. I chose Fedora 12 after having seen some compelling footage of Fedora on a tablet. [...]

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