Crontab for your life ~ Using a daily tracker to build good habits

Saturday 2 January 2021 - Filed under Default

The hardest part of building a habit is prioritizing vs. a full schedule challenged by outages and BSODs. What’s helped me is to use a daily tracker app. At pole position on my home screen where I’m sure to click on it at least once a day I have access to basic reminders that are easy to check off and it feels good when all the goals are reached for a day.

I’ve been on a habit-building kick recently and if you’d like to follow along, this is where to start.

My favorite app is called Daily Counter. What you do is “Add a counter” and write what it is you’re trying to do, drink water let’s say. Where my HydroHomies at? If you want you can set a goal for each counter, track progress with simple graphs and write notes if you wan’t to get existential. Is it possible to drink too much water? The important thing is not this app, or necessarily an app, whatever works for you and, I’m sure you know how to search your app store. There’s a bigger idea here.

Using technology in this way, feels liberating. Instead of developing hunched posture from mindless browsing I’m making this glowing rectangle work for me. I’m a big fan of Digital Minimalism, being intentional about technology, using it for what it’s good for and leaving it alone otherwise. Here’s a way it can actually be magical, and it’s simple, and free!

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2021-01-02  »  David Sterry

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