Nostr is a decentralized social network. Replacing Twitter is just one of the things it could do, if successful.

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But really, what is it?

Here are the best explanations in late 2023:

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Live demo

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My Nostr projects

noswot - A web of trust implementation made from follows and reports. Running at

autonostr - Automating nostr tasks like sending notes, relay_ping, and creating follow sets from noswot json.

nip-index - (paused) Index of Nostr Implementation Possibilities. The idea here is to list out all NIPs that have been proposed, merged or not, as long as they aren't marked as draft/WIP.

issueGPT (NIP-repo-inspired) - Can ChatGPT help us get up to speed on a repo with lots of issues? Maybe. The 4097 token limit means issues with more than 10-15 comments will need to be handled special but otherwise it seems useful as a rubber ducky.