File: November 2005

2005-11-28 :: David Sterry // Default research

I was just wandering around a bit and I’m sure I gave one or more of their servers a workout. I had an idea: who were the first people to bookmark the web’s most popular sites? On a whim, I started with Technorati. I searched for it and clicked on the red “4124 […]

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2005-11-23 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
Trend Sweet Trend RSS Feed

I’ve just created my first RSS feed for trend sweet trend(retired in 2008). To do it, I scraped my own page and built the file. You’ve got options: add it to your feed reader, use a site like feedburner to add it to your page, or subscribe with Firefox so it’s always close at hand. […]

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2005-11-21 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
Micro-disaster plan

Livemarks became slow yesterday for an hour or so. That meant I had to update my database by trying to connect and download links manually. I didn’t think of the possibility that my script might not connect but it’s important to plan ahead when you’re using a web service. You’ve got to think, what happens […]

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2005-11-19 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
Cream of the crop

The crop that is. I’ve taken the data I’m gathering for trend sweet trend and made a best-of page. This page(retired in 2008) shows only the sites that have made it to #1 on livemarks for about an hour or more. I expect the list will grow by about a link a day so […]

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2005-11-18 :: David Sterry // Default

I’ve found something good. Today, I had the opportunity to use Copilot, Joel on Software’s easy remote control service. It lets one person control another’s computer from anywhere on the planet. The key innovation is that it’s so simple to use. Both the helper and helpee go to, one pays and gets a code, […]

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2005-11-16 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
Automatic testing

For a coder the pinnacle of frustration is testing…finding and fixing the bugs you want to squash. You can take one approach which is to find a bug, fix it, and pray that no other bugs appeared during the process. This unfortunately doesn’t work when you’re dealing with an application of any but the most […]

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2005-11-16 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
fix sweet fix

Today, I fixed the use of a tinyint to store the popularity numbers. Turns out more than 127 people per hour bookmark the most popular sites on! who knew. I also changed the way the trends work…if a popularity number is constant for a couple hours, it’s more visually appealing if the color is […]

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2005-11-15 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
trend sweet trend

What’s hot this hour? What sites are people most rapidly saving for later? I’m introducing here my livemarks trend chart, updated hourly. It andlivemarks are based on so you get to see what people are mostvigorously bookmarking at the moment. The chart is here(retired in 2008).

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Had an awesome time yesterday at the First Bay Area Super User Group Meeting (BaySUG ’05) in Mountain View. With about a hundered or so attendants, there were two talks given. First up was Jeremy Allison where he layed out the genesis and evolution of Samba. He related a lot of great history from Andrew […]

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2005-11-11 :: David Sterry // Default
A Million Dollar Dream

What can you buy for a million dollars these days? It used to be a fortune. It used to be pie in the sky for anyone. To be a millionaire was to be “rich” – akin to being able to have anything and anyone you wanted. But it isn’t now. A million dollars isn’t all […]

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