File: December 2006

2006-12-27 :: David Sterry // Default
OfficeJet 4315 on 2000 Server

I just got myself a USB 2.0 card to give my old Compaq AP400 server some necessary speed and ports of the USB pursuasion. Part of my reason for doing this is that I have an OfficeJet 4315 All-in-One printer that I use mainly for faxes. I’d also like to use it as a scanner […]

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2006-12-24 :: David Sterry // Default
Tech Support Shortcuts

It happens more often than you’d like. Something stops working and you need help fixing it. It’s under warranty or it’s a subscription service so you call Tech Support. You wade through menus, give your personal information, and finally get to a human being…in India, the Phillipines, or if you’re really lucky, Utah. It’s at […]

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2006-12-23 :: David Sterry // Default
What I learned from SalonBiz

I learned that every type of business has their database application. These apps share many features in common but each has their own specialized needs. SalonBiz is that application for salons and spas. I learned the data an application stores can be accessed by custom built applications or after-market addons. With caution, such data can […]

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2006-12-19 :: David Sterry // Default
Windows OneCare Problem

I got a call the other day from a customer who had just purchased Windows OneCare to protect a couple of his computers. When he installed it on his laptop, it installed ok but when the computer just rebooted, it just kept rebooting. When I arrived and wanted to get out of the reboot loop, […]

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2006-12-19 :: David Sterry // Default
Easy Webcam Setup

When I was a kid, my grandfather lived in Idaho. I saw him about once a year when he came down in his RV or when Idaho made it into our summer family trip. What if I could have seen him more often, like each time we talked on the phone? Today, cheap webcams and […]

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2006-12-03 :: David Sterry // Default
SunRocket Gizmo Troubleshooting

Not long ago, I spent a couple hours on the phone with SunRocket. I had their InnoMedia Gizmo and the VOIP light just wouldn’t come on. I had a newer SpeedStream DSL modem there and a Netgear RangeMax router also connected. In my attempts prior to calling, I followed their suggestion to connect the Gizmo(that’s […]

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