File: February 2007

2007-02-10 :: David Sterry // Default
Automatic Login and Email

There’s this website I have to login to and check on a regular basis. It happens to be for Nexicore, a company that contracts out computer service and extended hardware warranty contracts. Nobody likes to login and check a site every day when updates to it should really be push. So I wrote a script […]

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2007-02-07 :: David Sterry // Default
Ubuntu on Gateway MX8711

I am outlining here my attempt to run Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft on a brand new Gateway mx8711 laptop. The conclusion of my trials was a failure at starting X11. I’m posting my notes here so the next guy(maybe you?) doesn’t have to repeat my work or can maybe get some ideas on whatever problem […]

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2007-02-04 :: David Sterry // Default
Improving on Ubuntu

I think Ubuntu’s great. Version 6.06 LTS was the first version of Linux that I could actually get comfortable with and want to use more than Windows. While it’s good, there are still a few things about it I would improve from the getgo. I’m going to focus here on some of the default applications […]

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2007-02-04 :: David Sterry // Default
What's new in Vista?

I purchased a new laptop on the day of Microsoft Windows Vista’s consumer release. I never ran the beta of Vista but I did read about it as the stories came down the wire. Here I present some of my impressions. 1. When you first unbox the computer and want to run it for the […]

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2007-02-02 :: David Sterry // Default
Free Software and Freedom

Computer user! I’ve spotted you. You are using a computer. Don’t be ashamed. Everyone does it. It just means you are using an operating system and some programs. That operating system may be Windows, OSX, Linux, or something else. Those programs may be Firefox, Internet Explorer, Word, or Quicken to name a few. Since I’ve […]

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