File: April 2007

2007-04-30 :: David Sterry // Default
Creating a Beryl Skydome with The Gimp

The OpenGL-based window manager Beryl has some great features like cool window movement effects, transparency, and reflections. The most notable effect has got to be the Desktop Cube which allows you to switch between one or more desktops by rotating a polyhedron(often a cube). One cool thing about this effect is there is a new […]

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2007-04-24 :: David Sterry // Default
Free Open Source Billing with phpBMS

I’m in the market for some important software. I’ve been using Access to track my hours and to generate invoices but it’s time for something more established and supported than my one-off app. What I’m looking for is a combination of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Enterprise (cough) Resource Planning(ERP) for a small business. In English, […]

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2007-04-20 :: David Sterry // Default
Anatomy of a Search Engine

Today’s search engines are pretty impressive if you think about it. Type in a keyword or three and you’re a just couple clicks away from the information you want. Of course, the internet is young and it was just yesterday that Google and Yahoo! were born. In the net’s early years, there was Gopher and […]

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