File: August 2007

2007-08-31 :: David Sterry // Default
Ajax Twitter Search

Yesterday, I started grabbing the public_timeline xml file from twitter every 2 minutes and sticking it into a database. Then I hooked up my favorite ajax search script and set it up at What you do is just type in a word or a couple of words and in a second you’ll see some […]

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2007-08-24 :: David Sterry // Default
Changing my window manager

I recently installed Ubuntu on a laptop that’s resource challenged. While that could mean a lot of things, let’s just say it has 128 MB of RAM and a mobile P3. It’s not so bad because it’s a small and cute laptop but anyway, I had to do a PXE boot(since it has no CD […]

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2007-08-20 :: David Sterry // Default
Beryl restarting

There’s this nagging problem I have on my laptop and maybe you, my trusty readers, have a solution. I’m running Beryl in Edgy and every time I boot up, everything is fine until about 1 minute after everything loads. Right then, Beryl restarts. I don’t know why or how but it happens like clockwork and […]

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2007-08-14 :: David Sterry // Default
Website procrastination

That’s it. I’ve had it. I’ve been surfing too much on the web and have nothing to show for it except an absurdly intimate knowledge of web 2.0 and the social procrasto-sphere. Twitter. Kyte. Pownce. Please. So I’ve decided to enhance my copy of Firefox with what may be the most productivity-enhancing extension I’ll ever […]

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2007-08-10 :: David Sterry // Default Video 2.0

I’m extremely excited about a new company and what they’re enabling people to do in terms of using audio, video and text to communicate in a brand new way. allows anyone with a recording device to create a channel and produce shows on that channel. Each channel has its own url and producing a […]

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