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2020-09-27 :: David Sterry // Default
On Difficult Free Software Maintanence

This was posted as a comment on It’s not free software if you can’t easily fork it (and how to fix it). Saving it here for posterity and in case the comment isn’t approved for some reason. You make some excellent points. Yes, the problem is real and important. I’m replying here because as one comment […]

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2020-09-04 :: David Sterry // Default
Get the Most Out of Reading

As I’ve been reading more, I recognized the good feeling that comes from learning. For a time, a new tool in the toolbox has the potential to solve everything. Of course, that can’t really be true as there is so much to learn, and so many “silver bullets” in the past that didn’t hit the […]

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2020-09-03 :: David Sterry // Default
Page Turners or No

Over the past two years, I’ve become better educated on attention. The “Attention Economy” was ahead of its time but is very much what drives a lot of product design today. If tech had its way, we’d spend all of our time on their sites, viewing ads, getting deeper into the funnel and pulling others […]

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2020-09-01 :: David Sterry // Default
Oculus Quest Review

In April of this year, we were just at the beignning of lockdown, sheltering in place, paying homage to the fragility of our bodies and clinging to whatever seemed to be operating normally, namely the digital world. The thought struck me as I looked a power pole in my back yard. Everything on that pole […]

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