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At mile nine running next the San Francisco bay I chewed on sour patch kids and reveled as their sweet energy entered my blood. I was going for 13.1 miles, a half-marathon, inconceivable just a couple months prior. When I finished I was dizzy, utterly exhausted with aches all over. Feeling this way I wondered […]

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PUBG and its Highest Strategic Principle

“GG.” The fourth circle just popped. Your squad is strung out on a long rotation in the blue. You’re almost to safety but one of your mates got knocked off a bike by an uncanny bolt. Meds running low and prospects uncertain, you scout and crash the only compound that’s free. Half the lobby’s still […]

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It’s 4am and you haven’t slept. Tomorrow starts in three hours but you can’t stop scrolling. You’ve seen it all and yet you continue to reach for some last hint of novelty. Excited by a new thumbnail you tap. A repost. Disgusted you turn off a phone still propped up by the pillow next to […]

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A 3d Printer is an Open Door

In 2015, 3d printing started to go viral. Printers came under $1000 and everyone who was crafty and technical-enough was getting onboard. Some enjoyed gadgets, others made art, most everyone used a banana for scale. It looked like a hell of a lot of Fun! So I bought one and and joined the party. The […]

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Today’s Senate runoff in Georgia stands to end an historic election cycle in America, one perturbed by the effects of the pandemic on voting process, and the high-stress state of the union as a whole. Under the hood is a democratic engine that has been deteriorating for decades. When voters finally sit down for a […]

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Journaling 1,000 Words Every Day

In some sense, journaling is the mother of all habits, as it can spawn a million others. Here’s what happened when I set out to journal a thousand words a day. As we go along in life, we become fans of certain people. thought leaders, celebrities, or just interesting people. Two of my favorites share […]

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It’s a red flag when one group demonizes another, blaming them for all their problems, calling them names. When a post sets my blood a-simmer, I think of the cartoon Little Bill’s response to the neighborhood bully.

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