File: December 2005

2005-12-31 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
TST down

Trend Sweet Trend suffered a glitch over the past several days. To begin with my power went out over xmas so updates stopped occurring until I could get back and turn on my Fedora server. Then TST began to show only one link rather than the 25 or 35 it usually does. This was caused […]

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2005-12-21 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chat-o-licious php

I was so impressed with Kevin Mesiab’s Chat-o-licious that I decided to rewrite the server in php. At the time of this writing it can post, add users, and track pings. Stay tuned for an update on a live demo. Update (7:39pm 12-21-05): Here’s the beta(now the latest version).

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2005-12-19 :: David Sterry // Default
Home Theater Computer

Home theater is no longer as plug ‘n play as it used to be. Time was, you could plug the TV into the wall, attach the VCR and you were good to go. Nowadays, there’s TiVo, DVD recorders, Home Theaters in a box, and cable/sattellite set-top boxes not to mention the legacy VCR. Getting all […]

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2005-12-17 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
Search phrase trends

Using my patented(not really) trend technology, I’ve created another trends page(retired in 2008). This one is based on Yahoo! Buzz, their almost daily listing of the most popular search terms for the day. Whereas Trend Sweet Trend tends to show lots of developer and blog links, the search phrases page shows a lot more celebrities […]

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2005-12-15 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend down

Over the past day we’ve seen some weirdness over at Last night I saw this error: System error error: Can’t call method “prepare” on an undefined value at /www/ line 13. context: … 9: my $usedb = ‘master’; 10: my $ret; 11: 12: if (!$auth_user) { $usedb = ‘user’ } 13: if (!exists ($db->{$usedb})) […]

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2005-12-15 :: David Sterry // Default

After I wrote my last article on Cron for Web 2.0, I did a bit more searching and found It’s very close to what I described and in my looking through the site, they apparently have about 10,000 users which is quite something. I figure the market for this is anyone who has a […]

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2005-12-12 :: David Sterry // Default
Cron for Web 2.0

For TST(retired in 2008), I run several processes each hour of the day and I use cron to do it. It’s quite simple when you have linux box running 24/7. All you have to do is type “crontab -e” and enter a line like “01 * * * * /script_folder/script_to_run” then “:wq” to save the […]

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2005-12-08 :: David Sterry // Trend Sweet Trend
New with Screenshots!

I’ve taken Trend Sweet Trend(retired in 2008) further. Now, you can see screenshots of each link via css rollover. The page takes a little longer to load but I think it looks cool and is at least a little bit stickier. To do this, I created a script that submits urls to Browsershots and later […]

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2005-12-05 :: David Sterry // Default
Ultimate iPod

I just acquired a 20gb iPod and decided to set it up in style. That meant I wanted to get my favorite 180 cd’s onto it and be able to use it with my car stereo. I’ve been keeping up with the latest news about the iPod so I knew I could use Winamp to […]

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