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2006-01-21 :: David Sterry // Chatr

Ran across a pretty interesting chat service at It’s a flash chat application geared in some way toward multi-user development. All I saw there was people chatting and having a good time. If you’ve got a mic and webcam you can go there and get your chat on. This app kindof puts AJAX in […]

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2006-01-13 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chatr 0.5 released

Well, I’ve just released the next version and the changes are numerous. It’s starting to even look like a real chatroom! As the project gains capabilities it’s also become more complex. This is the first release where I merged a contributor’s code so I tried my hand at using diff and patch to do the […]

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2006-01-06 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chatr developments

I’m continuing to work on Chatr, my AJAX/php chat system. The last couple of features I’ve worked on help usability and utility and will be included in 0.5 after I test it a bit more. First, the system can now email the address of the adminstrator’s choice when someone comes in the room. For low […]

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2006-01-01 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chatr 0.4

I released 0.4 of Chatr, my AJAX/php chat software today. It getting fairly usable and I think any site that’s interested in having their users meet spontaneously, might want to give it a try. The challenges I tackled in this version had to do with the nature of AJAX and its usually event-based operation. If […]

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2005-12-21 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chat-o-licious php

I was so impressed with Kevin Mesiab’s Chat-o-licious that I decided to rewrite the server in php. At the time of this writing it can post, add users, and track pings. Stay tuned for an update on a live demo. Update (7:39pm 12-21-05): Here’s the beta(now the latest version).

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