File: March 2006

2006-03-17 :: David Sterry // Default

I just found a site called and I’m blown away. It’s a platform for web application developement that’s hosted online with an online IDE and online execution. All the apps in there run in Javascript with AJAX-like connections to some elaborate database server code. The tutorials on the site are pretty good at getting […]

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2006-03-16 :: David Sterry // Default
Repaired: One LCD Screen

I just fixed my laptop’s screen! I noticed that it started up with a pink tint long ago and more recently it started flickering. About a week ago it finally went black. I thought, maybe I’ll just plug it into an external screen and call it a desktop…or I could order a new screen assembly. […]

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2006-03-06 :: David Sterry // Search
Our Own Google

The other day I began to think about search engines and their innately commercial nature. I thought, why is it that the Internet, which exists as a large network of networks, relies on commercial organizations to index the web and serve search results? Shouldn’t the Internet index itself and provide search as a basic utility […]

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