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2006-04-04 :: David Sterry // Search + Trend Sweet Trend
Search Phrases

A while back I created Trend Sweet Trend and added a search phrase tracker to it. It tracks the most popular search phrases people type into Yahoo! Search thanks to Yahoo! Buzz which updates each weekday. The search phrases are on the left and on the right is a grid showing what rank each term […]

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2006-03-06 :: David Sterry // Search
Our Own Google

The other day I began to think about search engines and their innately commercial nature. I thought, why is it that the Internet, which exists as a large network of networks, relies on commercial organizations to index the web and serve search results? Shouldn’t the Internet index itself and provide search as a basic utility […]

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2006-01-31 :: David Sterry // Search + Trend Sweet Trend
My own Google

I’m writing my own search engine. I know it sounds crazy but it’s just the sort of project that fuels my fire. At this point, I’m keeping the scope of the search to urls that have appeared on my Trend Sweet Trend(retired in 2008) page currently numbering (>7000). I’ve written 3 perl scripts so far […]

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