Palm Treo Crash

Friday 26 May 2006 - Filed under Default

About a week ago, my cellphone crashed. It didn’t just up and crash. It actually started using up batteries quite a lot and always seemed to be syncing with the server. I think I had it loaded up with too much email and stuff. In any case, it was getting worse and worse until finally it just went into a rebooting loop. Even after removing the battery and putting it back in, it just kept rebooting every 10 seconds. Not a pretty sight.

To fix it, I had to resort to a hard reset thereby erasing all data on the phone. Thankfully, it was fairly simple to get the device syncing up with the Verizon server again. At that point, the Treo downloaded all the contacts I had manually added over the past 3 months(about 62 of them). As for the others, what saved me was that I had just sync’d the Treo with my desktop a day earlier to see if that would somehow improve the situation. After syncing up with the desktop, it was like nothing ever happened.

While I’m disappointed the Treo didn’t make it easier to remove old files(auto-deletion of old emails never seemed to work), I’m pleased that I didn’t really lose anything and I didn’t have to send the device in. From now on I’ll keep a closer eye on filling up the phone.

2006-05-26  »  David Sterry


  1. blehnertz
    26 November 2007 @ 7:46 am

    Gee…though it’s been a long time since you posted this, I just HAD to go read it when I saw it while I was checking out your tips for HP Recovery Disks.

    You posted this just a couple of months after I willingly and gladly (after distilling a LOT of anger, frustration and resentment) into a Verizon store, went to the payment kiosk and GLADLY paid my termination fee. I’d had it with the FIFTH Treo 650 that Verizon had sent me (after 3 months of refusing to send me anything BUT a Treo 650). As I write this, I am patiently waiting for my U.S. Cellular contract to expire so that I can grab an iPhone, which EFFORTLESSLY does exactly what the Treo had promised — but never came close to delivering.