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2007-03-30 :: David Sterry // Default
Using Kino to make YouTube videos

A few days ago, I decided I wanted to make a little demo video of myself using Ubuntu. I wouldn’t create anything too complicated but I would use Ubuntu to produce it. I have a Sony digital video camera and a firewire cable so all I needed was some software to help me get the […]

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2007-03-30 :: David Sterry // Default
DSLinux, where doesn't Linux run?

I’ve had a Nintendo DS for about 6 months now and have seen a post or two on Slashdot about how some guys got Linux running on it. So I decided to get the hardware I needed to try this and other home brew apps. In the DSLinux world, there are a few different builds […]

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2007-03-30 :: David Sterry // Default
DD-WRT on Buffalo WHR-HP-G54

I’ve installed probably 20 different models of routers, from Netgear to D-Link, Linksys to Belkin and nothing comes close to these dd-wrt-loaded babies. Installation of the firmware is not too hard as long as you can find a tftp client. Just follow the pertinent instructions for the WHR-HP-G54 on this page and you’re rollin’. After […]

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2007-03-01 :: David Sterry // Default
Computer Repair on the Mid-Peninsula

This is my primary business so I figured it was worth a blog post. When did I start? In 2003, I saw a post on Slashdot talking about how many people need help with their computers and if you’re responsible and personable, you can do well solving people’s computer problems. Since I started doing this […]

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