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2007-07-23 :: David Sterry // Default
Mainline Web 2.0

I’ve discovered Google Reader. The next best thing to having an ethernet jack right between the skull and 1st vertebra. Google reader along with their little “Next >>” bookmark makes sifting through all the news (or detritus) of the day all too easy. First you get yourself an account with Google if you don’t already […]

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Today Robert Scoble posted an episode of ScobleShow where he interviews Drew Clark of IBM Venture Capital. It’s a great interview and lets us peek into the world of technology and business strategy that IBM both exists in and builds on. Check it out at Scobleizer Here are my notes on the interview: IBM has […]

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2007-07-21 :: David Sterry // Default

Not so long ago, I found a service called Twitter. It’s a website where you can log in and repeatedly update the question: What are you doing? Now, that’s a simple way to put it but that’s the kernel of its function. People answer that question and look for some feedback or just enjoy announcing […]

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