Robert Scoble of Scobleizer and IBM VC's Drew Clark

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Today Robert Scoble posted an episode of ScobleShow where he interviews Drew Clark of IBM Venture Capital. It’s a great interview and lets us peek into the world of technology and business strategy that IBM both exists in and builds on.

Check it out at Scobleizer

Here are my notes on the interview:

IBM has 400,000 people.

IBM is a little like an Elephant…What you think it is dpends on what part are you looking at. IBM VC is in the corporate staff realm.

IBM has 4 main lines of business:

hardware – mainframe
z, p, x, i


mostly infrastructure, not apps(apps compete with customers)

eclipse – concieved as an open IDE for java

IBM focused on open and linux development

IBM’s big brands: lotus, db2, websphere, tivoli, rational

IBM Venture Capital group made to fill gap at board room level consulting…CIO isn’t enough. Need CXX level.

Impact should be transformative rather than design, develop, deploy.

IBM VC has no fund. A VC with no fund?

ebo – emerging business opportunities
identify partners and customers
id business model

Great question: Who do you hang out with at lunch?

Many consumer plays are good for enterprise

Customers want Google for inside the enterprise

IBM going after clean tech – big green like big blue

Finding alternatives is harder than people think…scalability is the issue. Not as simple as slapping solar panels on your roof.

Go distributed(federated) rather than centralized with power generation

Akamai – figured out clever ways to route and cache content

Drew Clark runs a sort of matrimonial service. Needs surface and IBM VC talks to other VC about getting those needs filled.

Other VC like draper, hummer, sequoia.

Mashups that the enterprise wants:

social networks for the enterprise

salesforce and google maps

corporate data and google maps

Help visualize data and make it more easily sharable

Data mining is being done….visual mashups show data that was obscure and hard to see…data comes to life and can be acted on quickly.

More people will join the internet via cell phone this year than were here already.

300,000,000 in the middle class in China

yeepay … mobile micropayments that IBM pwned into existence.

IBM much leaner and more aggressive today…better understanding the web not as a pipe but as a platform. as a service delivery platform. leveraging the web BVBVBVBVBVBVBV.

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