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2008-05-11 :: David Sterry // Song Lyrics
Super WHY! Theme Song Lyrics

Want me to transcribe more kids TV song lyrics? Send 1 bitcoin to 188ES9kZrNHPkZ66BsEUhHgq8iewH4HsGp Who’s got the power? The power to read. Who answers the call for friends in need? Super WHY! Super WHY! He’s the guy, he’s Super WHY! Who’s got the power? The power to read. Who looks into books for the answers […]

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2008-05-06 :: David Sterry // Default
The iPhone Experience

I’ve had an iPhone for the past couple of months and I’m what you’d call a heavy user. I need email on the go and I like to check websites as well. So I figure it’d be useful to mention a few things I think haven’t been mentioned before about the device. 1. The iPhone […]

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