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Ever since Gavin Andresen’s first post about increasing the block size a month ago, a debate has been raging across all Bitcoin discussion forums on whether or not to increase Bitcoin’s block size limit. Actually the debate has been going on for longer than that but the rate and temperature of discussion have been greatly […]

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2010-04-06 :: David Sterry // Default
iPad Tablet First Impressions

I just went to the Apple Store and played with the iPad which was just released a few days ago. Here are some first impressions: Compared to the iPhone, it has a large screen but not a particularly high resolution screen(1024×768). This affected the iBooks application where I tried both the upright single-page mode and […]

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2008-05-06 :: David Sterry // Default
The iPhone Experience

I’ve had an iPhone for the past couple of months and I’m what you’d call a heavy user. I need email on the go and I like to check websites as well. So I figure it’d be useful to mention a few things I think haven’t been mentioned before about the device. 1. The iPhone […]

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