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2015-06-19 :: David Sterry // Decentralization
Building Consensus for Bitcoin

Since first gaining public attention in 2010, Bitcoin has been attacked in numerous ways with code exploits, dust transactions, exchange hacks, Ponzi schemes, and outright theft. Bitcoin has also been attacked in the media and in our social communities. Each time, Bitcoin enthusiasts could maintain a view that all such attacks were mounted by outsiders […]

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Technology is no stranger to debate. Emacs vs vi, Gnome vs KDE, Mac vs Windows, the list goes on and on with each having inspired debate that would rival the contents of the Library of Congress in quantity, quality and emotion. As more than one technology option became plausible people examined alternatives, made arguments, and […]

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Ever since Gavin Andresen’s first post about increasing the block size a month ago, a debate has been raging across all Bitcoin discussion forums on whether or not to increase Bitcoin’s block size limit. Actually the debate has been going on for longer than that but the rate and temperature of discussion have been greatly […]

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