Biggest Surprise Making Driving Videos

Wednesday 23 December 2020 - Filed under Default

Since late April, I’ve made 30+ driving videos in San Francisco, on the peninsula, in San Jose, and on many backroads (on one of which a tire was blown). The inspiration came from livestreams showing all around New York, Japan, and South Korea and I imagined more broadly demand increasing for real-world content like this during Covid. YouTube requires a channel have 1000 subscribers to livestream, which is a ways off for me, but that exclusive¬†capability has been a motivator.

Recording drives isn’t too hard, and can be done with what is now consumer equipment, but I’ll leave the “how” for another time. In this one, I wanted to share the most surprising thing I learned making driving videos in the Bay Area. As a runner up, a lot of people search for Golden Gate Bridge. I could probably camp out at Golden Gate Bridge and make videos there every day to get more views. I reserve the right to do that, but let’s move onto the big one.

After posting videos of many downtown areas, the most surprising thing I learned is of the intense love people have for downtown San Jose! I don’t know what it is but people love it. I imagine it has something to do with so much being within walking distance: food, bars, museums, and the Shark Tank. San Jose is also not THE big city of the Bay Area. Tourists flock to SF, but SJ has a more local feel. Whatever the reason, there’s a lot of love for San Jose and I look forward to going down there on a big weekend to see what it’s like!

2020-12-23  »  David Sterry