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2020-12-17 :: David Sterry // Default
Enter the Matrix

Siri, smart speakers, and voice-based personal assistants are approaching ubiquity and yet, I’m unimpressed. I’d rather tap for weather than ask out loud and I like to keep megacorporations at arms-length but a couple weeks ago, I imagined what my ideal AI assistant would look like and how it could help. Focused on the beginning […]

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2020-12-16 :: David Sterry // Default
How to lose weight

Since May, I’ve lost ~30 lbs and some have asked how, so I’d like to share what I’ve learned about weight loss. First, the issue is simpler than many peddlers of diets and programs would have you believe. Fundamentally controlling weight is about caloric intake and caloric expenditure, calories in calories out (CICO) some call […]

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2020-12-15 :: David Sterry // Default
Reading books as daily habit

This year, dissatisfied with social media, I became more serious about reading books, and have worked to make a daily habit of it.  Practical books have always seemed like direct upgrades to the process that is my life, so I’ve always started there. As one book leads to another, however, my path has included several […]

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The Embassy is a personal node built with a cypherpunk philosophy. It makes heavy use of Tor and free software to give your important digital stuff a home you can physically control. Within a week and a half I had a new Bitcoin node with totally functional Lightning wallet, BitWarden password manager, and globally-tor-accessible private […]

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