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I just attempted to build the software for the Embassy, a device that helps you run your own Lightning and Bitcoin node. I gave a mini-review of it here. One of my concerns then was that I didn’t have root access to the device and hadn’t seen that anyone had built the software themselves. I […]

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Determination, willpower and habit

This year, I became a runner. A podcaster mentioned a pushup-pullup challenge in addition to his usual 6-mile daily runs. Inspired by the challenge I decided to pick up running, an activity that I had dismissed before as something for which I wasn’t cut out. Quick update: still no action from the mole, those worms […]

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Root cause of problems in the US

Most of us understand that despite technology bringing so much magic into our lives, the things that really matter like economic opportunity, personal freedom, and institutional trust seem to be deteriorating in the United States. Don’t get me wrong. I love this country. I understand that I was incredibly lucky to have been born here. […]

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Two weeks ago, I decided to start publishing more content and in this post I’m sharing what I’ve learned after making 10 random posts and videos. First, it’s important to publish regularly and for that I wanted to make it a daily habit starting small with short posts and videos. I’ve missed some days but […]

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Comparing yourself to others

Video: Today I wanted to talk about motivation and how perspective on achievement can affect that. Most of us learn at a young age to rank ourselves among those around us. In school, tests are graded on a curve, on the playground some run faster than others, and later in life there’s a tendency […]

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Biggest Surprise Making Driving Videos

Since late April, I’ve made 30+ driving videos in San Francisco, on the peninsula, in San Jose, and on many backroads (on one of which a tire was blown). The inspiration came from livestreams showing all around New York, Japan, and South Korea and I imagined more broadly demand increasing for real-world content like this […]

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How to kill a mole

A few weeks ago, a mole took up residency under our lawn. I don’t have a problem with wildlife but this rodent was averaging a mound a day, presumably as s/he expanded their network of tunnels and foraged for earthworms. You can tell a mole from a gopher because they will create a mound that […]

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From a young age, we pick up values and beliefs from all around. In some cases they’re made explicit in house rules, practical guidelines for daily decisions or in the case of the ten commandments, heavy duty laws with eternal spiritual weight. The first time I really entertained a new set of values was when […]

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In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Bill Murray was asked what he wants to do and he said, “I’d just like to really see how long I can last as being really here, really in it, really alive, in the moment.” On last night’s run I was impressed with how many houses were decorated […]

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How not to get bamboozled by fake news

Before sharing what I’ve learned about not getting informationally swindled, infected or based, I want to share a perspective from an AI researcher named Joscha Bach. If you’re not familiar with his work, Bach is someone who seems to be on another level in how he models the world, how our minds work, and his […]

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