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2010-07-09 :: David Sterry // Default
Simple Pen Art

After 22 comics and graphics released, I’ve decided to name this webcomic Simple Pen Art. It’s a pretty general title because I like the freedom to do comics on whatever without format contraints. Hopefully you find them thought-provoking, interesting, or sometimes just funny.


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2010-05-20 :: David Sterry // Default

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Most laptops that don’t have a CD drive can boot from USB but not all. This I found out with the Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet that I recently was tasked to get up and running with a new operating system. I chose Fedora 12 after having seen some compelling footage of Fedora on a tablet. […]

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2010-05-11 :: David Sterry // Default
Error 2013 with Seagate FreeAgent backup

I recently ran into a problem where the backup software that came with a 1TB Seagate FreeAgent external usb drive wasn’t working. When I looked at the backup logs I saw many files(possibly all) that the program tried to backup said Error 2013 next to them. After a bit of searching, I found the problem […]


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2010-05-11 :: David Sterry // Default
What do you call a USB Flash Drive?

Over the last few years, small form-factor solid state usb storage devices have become ubiquitous. They have replaced floppies, CDs and even larger usb hard drives with spinning disks for many backup, file transfer, and utility purposes. The question still remains though, what do we call them? To solve this problem, I turned to Google. […]


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2010-05-09 :: David Sterry // Default
Deleting Facebook

I deleted my Facebook account a few days ago. It’s not really an earth-shattering event for me: I spent less than 15 minutes a month on the site. What was really interesting about my account there was just how many of my friends and relatives were my “Friends” on the site. I never sought out […]


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2010-04-06 :: David Sterry // Default
Northern Sumatra Earthquake via Twitpic

I just did a quick Twitter Search for ‘earthquake twitpic‘ and found the following early pictures of the earthquake that hit Northern Sumtra just a few hours ago.

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2010-04-06 :: David Sterry // Default
iPad Tablet First Impressions

I just went to the Apple Store and played with the iPad which was just released a few days ago. Here are some first impressions: Compared to the iPhone, it has a large screen but not a particularly high resolution screen(1024×768). This affected the iBooks application where I tried both the upright single-page mode and […]

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2010-02-16 :: David Sterry // Default
A bit about binary

Binary math is a very simple thing. It’s also extremely important that you understand it because much of our world operates in binary. Binary from the latin prefix bi- means two states. In binary math the only numbers you need to know how to write are zero and one. 0 and 1. Nada and numero […]

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Blogger is ending support for publish-via-FTP and because it is costing them valuable support time and they claim 0.5% of active blogs publish this way. I’m interested to know their definition of active but not interested enough to “learn more.” I had been planning to switch to WordPress and was using FTP(with little success) to […]

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