Chatr 0.5 released

Friday 13 January 2006 - Filed under Chatr

Well, I’ve just released the next version and the changes are numerous. It’s starting to even look like a real chatroom!

As the project gains capabilities it’s also become more complex. This is the first release where I merged a contributor’s code so I tried my hand at using diff and patch to do the job. Since I do my development on windows, I downloaded unxutils from sourceforge to do the job. Then after a little python scripting, I had a workable diff and patch system.

One feature I added to this version is the ability to see when the chatroom has some new conversation while the window is minimized. The way I do it is by using md4 hashes and checking if the hash changes since the last time the chat window had focus. I think this is a bit on the processor intensive side so I’m looking for a faster hash function to keep the client running fast.

I really appreciate all the feedback and I’m looking forward to comments on the new version. Oh yeah, it’s now an official free software project using the BSD license. Feel free to make changes and send me your diffs.

2006-01-13  »  David Sterry