File: April 2006

2006-04-28 :: David Sterry // Default
Comments Over News

I’ve created a new site I’m extremely excited about because it’s got a lot of great possibilitises. It’s a news discussion site with comment ratings, threaded comments, and news that updates every 15 minutes from AP and Reuters feeds. That’s cool but my key innovation here is to add a points system so people can […]

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2006-04-24 :: David Sterry // Default
Word and Excel Tricks

I often help people do things in Word and Excel. I really love Excel…must be my desire to turn everything into a number so I can graph it and discover trends. In any case here are a few tips that you might be able to use to speed up your Word and Excel usage: * […]

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2006-04-12 :: David Sterry // Default – The Internet Clipboard

A site that just showed up on the Trends list today is called The idea over there is to create a super-simple internet clipboard. You create an entry by adding a word or some numbers to the website address after a /. So for instance I made my own by going to and […]

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2006-04-04 :: David Sterry // Default
Treo 650

I got a Treo 650 about a month and a half ago. I meant to give you the rundown earlier but the month and a half has given me enough time to find most of the tricks and problems that I will ever know or have with it. What I like about it:* I love […]

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2006-04-04 :: David Sterry // Search + Trend Sweet Trend
Search Phrases

A while back I created Trend Sweet Trend and added a search phrase tracker to it. It tracks the most popular search phrases people type into Yahoo! Search thanks to Yahoo! Buzz which updates each weekday. The search phrases are on the left and on the right is a grid showing what rank each term […]

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