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Tuesday 4 April 2006 - Filed under Search + Trend Sweet Trend

A while back I created Trend Sweet Trend and added a search phrase tracker to it. It tracks the most popular search phrases people type into Yahoo! Search thanks to Yahoo! Buzz which updates each weekday. The search phrases are on the left and on the right is a grid showing what rank each term was at in the past. American Idol for instance is in 1st place and has been for the last two days that Yahoo Buzz was reporting. Before that it was 2nd and before that 12th. Green means it’s rank has risen or held steady after rising. Red means it fell. Purple shows you that it’s the first time it’s ever been on the list. Ever being not a very long time(I started tracking in late November 2005).

I am always amazed that most of what people search for are celebrities. Go here if you want to see the live page and click on links.

Since I’ve been following this I’ve noticed that entertainment is really what bonds us all together. We don’t all do the same work or really spend much time worrying about the same news. But we do watch the same hit TV shows and follow the most famous celebrities. This page is really just there to try and make sense of what’s most popular and was an interesting extension for me of the first Trend Sweet Trend page. If you like it or want to see something changed about it, let me know.

2006-04-04  »  David Sterry