Just Another Blogger to WordPress Migration

Monday 15 February 2010 - Filed under Default

Blogger is ending support for publish-via-FTP and because it is costing them valuable support time and they claim 0.5% of active blogs publish this way. I’m interested to know their definition of active but not interested enough to “learn more.” I had been planning to switch to WordPress and was using FTP(with little success) to publish to so I welcome this change.

To begin I installed WordPress and was surprised to find that there is a Blogger import tool included in WordPress out of the box. I tried it and found 0 posts were importable but after a quick search, I changed my publishing method on Blogger(under Settings->Publishing) to publish using a domain.

I was then able to import all of my posts, deal with some redirects for my most popular posts, and setup my theme. I even took a new portrait which you may or may not see on the right of this. Goodbye proprietary blogging platform, hello increased publishing freedom!

2010-02-15  »  David Sterry