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2010-12-08 :: David Sterry // Default
Free Software for a rooted NOOKcolor

The NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble is an Android tablet computer that’s been turned into an e-book reader with the capacity to show pictures, store contacts, browse the web and play some video files. B&N has released an SDK and plans to compete simultaneously with the iPad and Kindle with this one device when they […]

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2010-09-22 :: David Sterry // Default
Old Search in Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 brings one rather annoying change: the default search delivers confusing search results formatted into separate tabs sorted by relevance rather than date. To use the old style search, just click the icon on the left of the search box and choose anything other than the top option(“Search all messages”). Whew. That was a […]

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Blogger is ending support for publish-via-FTP and because it is costing them valuable support time and they claim 0.5% of active blogs publish this way. I’m interested to know their definition of active but not interested enough to “learn more.” I had been planning to switch to WordPress and was using FTP(with little success) to […]

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2009-09-15 :: David Sterry // Default
gNewSense Wireless That Works

Wireless on a laptop is like wheels on a car. Essential. I’ve been running gNewSense for a few months and have found it to be very stable and kind to me on my HP dv6226us. Unfortunately there are no free drivers for the built in wireless card. That has meant no wireless networking on this […]

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I have a Logitech Harmony 510 smart remote that I use to control the devices that live near my TV. Programming the device was simple enough…I plugged it into my computer selected my TV, cable box, and dvd/home theater system and defined a couple activities like Watch TV and Watch DVD. When you trigger one […]

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In this HOWTO I’m going to take you through running gNewSense, a 100% free operating system, on top of your currently installed operating system. This HOWTO mentions how to run gNewSense on top of Ubuntu and Windows though it’s possible to run it on any OS that runs VirtualBox OSE. This HOWTO will only add […]

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2008-01-29 :: David Sterry // Default
John "Maddog" Hall on Free Software

Just ran across these videos on Youtube just taken at IIT Tech fest in India. John Hall of Linux Journal discusses Free Software with a small crowd. Looks like a 5 part video so look out for the rest…

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