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2010-12-08 :: David Sterry // Default
Free Software for a rooted NOOKcolor

The NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble is an Android tablet computer that’s been turned into an e-book reader with the capacity to show pictures, store contacts, browse the web and play some video files. B&N has released an SDK and plans to compete simultaneously with the iPad and Kindle with this one device when they […]

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2010-09-22 :: David Sterry // Default
Old Search in Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 brings one rather annoying change: the default search delivers confusing search results formatted into separate tabs sorted by relevance rather than date. To use the old style search, just click the icon on the left of the search box and choose anything other than the top option(“Search all messages”). Whew. That was a […]

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The following is what I did to get Ubuntu 10.04 x86(32-bit) running properly on a Sony VAIO VPCF121GX PCG-81114L. This laptop is currently sold at Costco but shares the same body with many other VPCF12***X models. Sony has an annoying way of putting two model numbers on their laptops. I had more luck once I […]

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Most laptops that don’t have a CD drive can boot from USB but not all. This I found out with the Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet that I recently was tasked to get up and running with a new operating system. I chose Fedora 12 after having seen some compelling footage of Fedora on a tablet. […]

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2008-02-25 :: David Sterry // Default
GNU/Linux podcasts are cool

I’m starting to believe in the power of audio to spread GNU/Linux. The nice thing about podcasts is that you can absorb them while doing other things but you can learn a lot. If you’re like me, you login to Youtube to check out some videos and you end up shifting over to some other […]

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