File: January 2006

2006-01-31 :: David Sterry // Search + Trend Sweet Trend
My own Google

I’m writing my own search engine. I know it sounds crazy but it’s just the sort of project that fuels my fire. At this point, I’m keeping the scope of the search to urls that have appeared on my Trend Sweet Trend(retired in 2008) page currently numbering (>7000). I’ve written 3 perl scripts so far […]

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2006-01-30 :: David Sterry // Default
Linux tribulations

Today was a big day for me and Linux. I started the day with a Linux web server with PHP but no MySQL. That’s a LAP server for all you techies. Pretty decent for serving static pages but not too great when it comes to doing anything with data. Never had MySQL working on this […]

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2006-01-21 :: David Sterry // Chatr

Ran across a pretty interesting chat service at It’s a flash chat application geared in some way toward multi-user development. All I saw there was people chatting and having a good time. If you’ve got a mic and webcam you can go there and get your chat on. This app kindof puts AJAX in […]

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2006-01-19 :: David Sterry // Default
Camp SysAdmin 2006

I attended Camp SysAdmin on Saturday in the SOMA area of San Francisco. It was fun listening to and participating in discussions about IT over the two sessions. Each session was an hour long and they were seperated by a pretty decent lunch. The first session I went to was about how to intermingle free(as […]

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2006-01-13 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chatr 0.5 released

Well, I’ve just released the next version and the changes are numerous. It’s starting to even look like a real chatroom! As the project gains capabilities it’s also become more complex. This is the first release where I merged a contributor’s code so I tried my hand at using diff and patch to do the […]

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2006-01-06 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chatr developments

I’m continuing to work on Chatr, my AJAX/php chat system. The last couple of features I’ve worked on help usability and utility and will be included in 0.5 after I test it a bit more. First, the system can now email the address of the adminstrator’s choice when someone comes in the room. For low […]

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2006-01-01 :: David Sterry // Chatr
Chatr 0.4

I released 0.4 of Chatr, my AJAX/php chat software today. It getting fairly usable and I think any site that’s interested in having their users meet spontaneously, might want to give it a try. The challenges I tackled in this version had to do with the nature of AJAX and its usually event-based operation. If […]

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